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Originally a banker by profession, and an occasional writer, Priyanka is a self taught artist from Canada .
Painting has been her passion since childhood and she has always loved creating new things. Born in an art loving family in India she always derived creative ideas from her surroundings. An experimentalist by nature, Priyanka does not stick to any single form of art, but loves to experiment and paint with new forms, techniques and styles. Each piece that she creates, she does it with a lot of love and passion.
Priyanka is so passionate about her art, that once an idea hits, she can hardly wait. She believes that the process of creating an art is more like a journey, a journey of love, where the artist falls in love with her creation, and with each step of it, and can hardly wait to reach the beautiful destination. Priyanka feels that each piece she creates is like her child that she has created and raised beautifully with love and honesty. Once this child becomes an adult (the painting is done), she needs to find a perfect match for her ( a buyer who would value it and treat it with as much love as her). And as per  Priyanka, it is not easy for her when her art sells, for the buyer always takes her art with a piece of her heart with him.


I believe that colours can evoke feelings of happiness and joy. Through my colourful and vibrant artwork I want to lend any interior a warm, unique and cheerful look which can uplift moods and impart a positive energy to those around.

$995.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


Original Buddha Painting on canvas

Lord Buddha's paintings are considered as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If you go by Feng Shui or Vastu, a Buddha painting is more than just a piece of art. It is considered to improve the flow of Chi in your home or office. You will surely attract joy, peace, wealth and happiness with this beautiful piece of luck and prosperity.

Priyanka Singh