Queti Azurin

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Queti Azurin is a mixed media visual artist who was born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to Canada in 2013. She has held several solo exhibitions in Manila and participated in groups shows in Manila, Canada and USA. Most of her solo exhibitions have showcased a medium she is very entranced with which is sawdust. This started from a curiosity to make use of a waste material. In 2018, CBC Manitoba featured her particular art process.

She has a penchant for teaching arts and crafts and thus have held workshops in Manila and Canada. She has served as a board member for Mentoring Artists For Women’s Art in Winnipeg for close to 3 years and has taught a couple of workshops for the organization. Currently, she is an art instructor and continues to work on her body of work in both mixed media and drawing.


Creating art is how I process and deal with deep emotions and thoughts to get to a level of understanding, acceptance, relief and joy.

I make mixed media artwork with bas-relief composed dominantly of sawdust. Most people have to control their urge to touch and feel the medium. The texture is inviting and tickles curiosity.

I make drawings with playful narratives, vibrant colors, asymmetrical forms and textured with interlacing disorderly squiggly strokes.

Visual storytelling fascinates me and in my art I prefer to depict visual presentations that allow the viewer to create their own interpretations as they relate to the artwork. However the work resonates with the viewer, they can be recipients of the healing and joy that art can bring. The completion of an artwork's life cycle is when it is received.