Rachel Masucci

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Rachel Masucci is a young emerging artist, born and raised in Toronto. She went to School of the Arts, where she studied various mediums including printmaking, sculpture, acrylic, oil, among others. In 2017, Rachel was awarded with the prestigious Speaker of the House Award by the honourable Dave Levac. Her art is displayed in the Legislative Building of Ontario. She was the youngest artisan accepted to showcase and sell her art at the Arts Market in Toronto. She is currently a fourth year student at Queen's University.


In the chaos of the world, I find comfort and peace when I sit down to paint. Painting is time that I cherish and keeps me grounded. My goal is to pass on that feeling of comfort and peace through my art. My art is ever changing, often in correlation to my travels. I was enamoured by the beautiful bears on my trips to Whistler, BC and the shear majesty of the great elephants on my trip to Africa. Depending on my mood, I create whimsical pop-art inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.