Razieh Edalat

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She was born in Tehran, Iran.
She is a member of the Iranian visual art association from 2009.
She works in the style of Realism. The females attend in her paintings and they are an important subject in her works. Common themes in her work represent fears surrounding the female’s issues. In her paintings, drawings and printmaking, she aims to reflect on a journey of self-discovery and represent all the different sides of herself as any female. She is inspired by philosophical and psychological texts. She has had a professional painting practice for 20 years.


Mathematics, chemistry, physics, mechanics… none of them were the subjects my curious soul could rest with. I got involved in the world of art and it hugely attracted me
Painting is my response toward myself. Inside me that could be affected by what is happening outside, when I am immersed in the flow of life.

I try to explore the dimensions of my lived experiences that are based on various historic/social/cultural/geographical effects. These effects have influenced on me indeed. Maybe that’s why I could never settle with a routine. That’s why I always question the routine and it’s my unanswered question. I need to know that, indeed.

Also I take refuge in nature in order to reach calmness and thinking about the universe and its relationships .I study nature colors and forms as well.
I attempt and I hope to survive myself and the world as well, through this hard situation due to pandemic covid-19.