Rick Bremness

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Rick Bremness recently graduated from the University of Alberta Visual Arts program where he was the recipient of the Constance McFarland award.

Rick has worked as director of photography and cameraperson for a number of decades. His work on television series and documentaries has helped to create a well developed eye and sense of composition.

​“When you are using a camera you are somewhat limited by the environment and the equipment you have to create the images, with a brush the only limitation you have is your imagination.”


I draw my inspiration from nature and an appreciation of the wildlife with which we share this planet.

A wild animal, hyper aware of its surroundings and wary of human contact, is a respected ruler of their domain. Each painting the animal seems to take a moment to pause and look up at the viewer, the same as the viewer is looking at them. My hope is that through these paintings that one can connect with these majestic creatures and appreciate their toughness, rugged beauty and peaceful souls.

I use bold brush strokes combined with an unexpected combination of hues to create spirited images that I hope will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. I am fascinated by these creatures and what joy they bring, knowing they are out there and able to thrive in the Canadian wilderness.