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I am a Toronto Based Contemporary Artist. My life journey is unique, as I have always been an Artist but only recently did I pursue it professionally, after working in Law and Education.

I have always expressed myself through art. As a child, I grew up on a farm entranced by the beauty of trees, flowers and animals. I wanted to capture the fleeting, fragile Beauty of nature through my sketch pad…before it disappeared.

However, growing up, I did not think being an Artist was a possible career, so I decided to pursue other passions: I studied in university and earned 4 degrees ( Political Science, French, Education and Law ) and worked as a refugee lawyer and teacher. Nevertheless, I always found time to paint, to create.

A few years ago, sensing something was missing,
I decided to pursue my passion for Art, studying at The Ontario College of Art and Design University and The Toronto School of Art.

My art education gave me the confidence to pursue an Art Career professionally. Inspired by Art Movements I studied-Expressionism, Fauvism and Pop Art – as welI as the rawness and honesty of Urban/ Graffiti Art-I developed my own style, using a palette knife and acrylic paint to paint bold and vibrant portraits, still life and figure paintings.

I am still doing what I did as a child – trying to capture the fleeting moment of Beauty -whether a facial expression or an ice cream cone-before it disappears.

In my Art Career I have had the opportunity to participate in many charity events including The Art for Cancer Foundation and Roma Cares; I have also had the opportunity to paint and meet sports celebrities I admire, like NBA star Danny Green and soccer player Sebastian Giovinco. My work has recently been featured in a number of publications including: Art Business News (Mar 2021), Art Reveal (Feb 2021), Boomer Gallery Magazine(Mar 2021), Vie Magazine (Mar 2021) and most recently Artist Talk (April 2021) Art World News (June/July 2021).

My work can be found in private collections in North America and Europe. I am currently represented by New York Gallery, Mahlstedt; Five 3 Gallery in California; Art By Toronto in Toronto and Art Provo in the Caribbean.

I have been blessed to show my work in Art Fairs and Exhibitions in New York, Miami, London, Toronto and the Caribbean.


Live in Colour. It means to live fearlessly, with passion and purpose. In art, as in life, I try to do the same: create bold, vibrant portraits, nudes or still life. My work is unique as I always use a palette knife and acrylic paint to create texture and deep hues. The colours explode on canvas with beauty, energy and texture. My work is influenced by an Expressionist/Pop Art Style, reflecting a spirit of hope and optimism.

I work quickly and instinctively, playing with layers of colour and balancing elements of realism (Control) and abstract art (Chaos);

I am inspired by the bold colors of the Caribbean, the raw honesty of Graffiti/Urban art and the passion of Pop Culture. I am also interested in exploring the concept of "Beauty" in its simple and complex forms. Capturing “moments” of Beauty-whether a facial expression or a popsicle melting. There is Beauty all around us in this incredible world God created; I want to celebrate it on canvas with colour.

$2,000.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas using a knife.


This is a painting depicting beads: a symbol that holds meaning for people in many cultures.
For example blue beads often represent "harmony" while green beads repesent "hope". The painting is intended to be a positive inspiration.
It is painted with acrylic paint using a palette knife to create texture on a canvas.

Rita Hisar