Robin L Potter

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A college professor by day and an avid abstract artist by night, Robin begins with an intuitive and expressive approach then works with what emerges to create paintings that evoke memory, learning, and other human experiences. She includes fabric, ribbon, glass, paper, text, and other domestic, natural, and academic materials to augment the meaning of the paintings. As an emerging artist, her work has appeared in juried shows in Toronto and Markham. She is also honored to serve as current president of the Markham Group of Artists.


Largely self-taught and working in the abstract acrylic genre, the paint becomes a fluid promise of fabric and light that grounds anxiety, joy, sadness, love, curiosity, exploration, gratitude in structured and unstructured paths. Incorporating objects, writing, papers, fabric, and various other materials into the artworks makes them vibrant with multidimensional intention and layers into them shadows and texture that create open contexts ripe for interpretation. Robin works on paper, wood panels, heavy duty floor duck, and on stretched gallery canvases.

$550.00 CAD

Acrylic and mixed media on a repurposed laminate board.


The curtain sheer evokes femininity and tidiness, while the intuitive strokes of paint in the center resist definition and embrace the unpredictable. The painting is accessorized by a yellow, white, and blue bow (not shown) at the top.

Robin L Potter

$300.00 CAD

Acrylic and mixed media on a gallery canvas.


Created with hand painted paper and thread, this painting announced its title almost as soon as I applied the last stroke of paint.

Robin L Potter

$325.00 CAD

Acrylic and mixed media on a gallery canvas.


Created with acrylic on wax paper, fabric, two buttons, and hand painted paper, this painting evokes determination and imminent momentum.

Robin L Potter