Salbhi Sumaiya

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Native to Bangladesh, Salbhi Sumaiya is a Conceptual & Visual artist based in Toronto. While she has a pallet of skills, her main focus remains in Fine Arts. She majored in Fine Arts and completed her Hon's in Graphic Design & Multimedia at SMUCT, Dhaka. She also managed to land jobs at some of the top advertising firms in her country.


Salbhi Sumaiya has won RBC awards & grants from Toronto Arts Foundation and OAC. Currently, she is spreading her footprint through exhibitions in Canada, South Africa, Poland, Japan, Bangladesh and India. Thanks to such opportunities, she now has awards & credentials to show at both at a national & international level. She is an innovative conduit for social & political change. Her themes are usually based on raising awareness on various contemporary issues, faced in today's world. Some of the previous themes in her body of work are on the mass extinction of animals caused by human interference and the calamities faced by Myanmar's atrocities against Rohingya population.