Samantha Hurley

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Hello, my name is Samantha Hurley and I am a Toronto-based Artist and Photographer who has a dedication to creating beautiful and interesting images. I can be found either traveling the world with a camera in hand, or exploring what my kitchen has to offer. I have always loved the beauty of objects and the passion of food. I adore how you can create a whole new world, in a photograph.

With 10 years of experience and clients all over the world, my love of photography and light is only growing bigger with every photograph.


This is a view into my love of light, of what lies beneath the surface of the human experience. The beauty waiting within the people, objects, and sustenance we all passionately love. I want to welcome you to where my imagination runs wild, where I feed my soul. This is where the light leaks in.

To put something asunder means to take it apart, to divide it into separate pieces. Objects are created to look otherworldly, as though they are suspended in the height of space. Humans once seen whole are spliced and layered creating depth. What once signalled familiarity breeds wonder. What was once hidden is now pared. Turned out. Displayed for greater understanding.

Planets emerge out of small objects and mountains from the curves of the human form.

Within these frames I invite you stop and allow the beauty of what could be to take over the knowledge of what you already know to be true.