Saumya Verma

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My name is Saumya Verma. I am a lawyer by profession but now I have made art my full-time career. I have always been fond of art since my childhood and lately this hobby of mine has become my passion. While I was busy focusing on my studies and eventually on my job as lawyer, I got a bit diverted from art. But now I have made up my mind to follow my passion and have started again. For me, art is meditation and it makes my soul happy. Everyday what certainly gets me up is that search for a deeper thought as to what new ideas I can create and why to create and trying to find a reason for my soul’s purpose here in this lifetime. I believe it is so significant for us to fill our homes and surroundings with things that make us happy and give us positive vibes which is why I started creating art and decorating my home with the paintings and art forms I love.

As an artist, I always try different forms of art that make me grow more and more. I work primarily on canvas, all medium of papers, stones and wall mural arts. I work with acrylic paints and also mixed media (gouache & water colors). I also love decorating my house with those medium and DIY’s which I make. I keep experimenting with new color schemes which leads me to a new art form as I keep exploring. I can also make customized artworks as per the requirement and theme of any event.