Shawn Paul Thompson

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I am a Toronto based Contemporary Abstract Painter. I live and work in my studio in Riverdale. After two Decades as a media executive, I have shifted my focus to my creative passion, which is creating and selling my Art.
I have had multiple Pop-Up Shows, Gallery Events, and have shown in Toronto, Mississauga, California and the Halliburton Highlands.
I strive to make my art approachable, affordable and accessible to all.


My Medium of choice is Acrylic, but I am also fond of mixing mediums, depending on the collection I am working on.

My process begins in layered applications which are peeled back to reveal an abstract story, feeling or world. My palette knife and brush are my preferred tools which allow me to construct, deconstruct, and reveal a hidden narrative.

My themes are a personal reflection of my life experience. I am always on the move, and this is reflected in my work. I am fascinated with discovering new impressions that hint at representative objects, but are blurred in a dreamlike, or abstract moment. Light, Beauty and Surprise