Sheryl A. Keen

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Sheryl A. Keen is an artist and author. It has been this way since she could first hold pencil and paper. She is interested in bringing contemplative and interpretive works to the viewers’ experience.
She works mainly with acrylic mixed media. She uses a technique that stacks modeling paste to create a 3D effect. Her works have been included in solo and group exhibitions. She has been featured at the Pickering Canadian Caribbean Cultural Association Dinner, at CIBC functions, at several of Toronto Public Library and at private showings.
Her most recent exhibitions include her solo exhibitions at Sunderland Hall Gallery – First Unitarian Toronto 2019, Ralph Thornton Centre 2019, Station Gallery 2018, A Different Booklist 2017, and Knowledge bookstore 2017. Other exhibitions include group shows and art fairs at the Freedom Factory 2019, Feminist Arts Conference 2017 at OCAD, Station Gallery Group Exhibition 2017, the Queen Street Art Crawl 2014, Kingston Road Art Walk 2016, and the Political Candy Group show with the Pendulum Project 2016. She has also participated in the “Together we Rise” group exhibitions at the Areej Gallery and at Artists to Artists Foundation in 2016.
Her piece Brainstorm has been accepted in to the Ontario Legislature’s A La Carte Artist Program 2019 for a year’s showing.
Sheryl explores themes that include the internal struggles that take place within a person that leads to change, growth, and possibly a better self.
She also celebrates the many faces of women in her work.


Art is the place where I can risk everything; the medium through which I can give and show myself to the world. My work is an examination and exploration of self. It asks a couple of questions, who am I, what is my place in the world, what is my best self and how do I get to that best self that I see in my mind’s eye. As humans, we are always evolving and striving to get to a better place. And that better place usually comes with some amount of self-reflection and examination. And it’s that process and journey that is fascinating, how do we change to get to a better self?
We are layered, multi-dimensional people who can be several things at once or we can be one thing today and something completely different tomorrow. Or maybe we just become better versions of ourselves. The one thing that leads us to any place is our thoughts. Because it is what we think that guide our actions.
It is my belief that art can change a space dramatically and in so doing, change the mood of the persons who use the space. Art can also change the way the world is viewed and an individual’s impression of himself/herself. On all counts, my intention is to help bring about these changes.
I work mainly with acrylics and mixed media. This mix of the tradition with found objects gives the work additional texture and design, makes the finished product more interesting and connects traditional media to things from everyday life, thus making the art work truly a “slice of life.”

Sheryl A. Keen is opened to doing commissioned pieces. For any inquiries, please contact