Shirin Shahbazi

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As a multi-disciplinary artist who firmly believes in the essence of nature and earth in arts, I long to perceive how those elements can celebrate life, love and harmony in artistic creations. I hold a BA in Fine Arts and a Postgraduate degree in Advanced Digital Design. I held a solo and group exhibition in Iran, Canada, Iraq and the United Kingdom.


In my painting, I benefit from the inspirations of the environment and other elements in order to establish a universal dialogue between the work and the audience members. My inspiration originates from both landscapes and dreamscapes: both infuse my works with the essence of nature, beauty, joy, loss, sorrow, and honesty. What really matters to me in my artworks is to be able to take the viewer through a journey in which they observe and perceive the world of that painting and enable them to connect with all its elements. Aside from painting, I usually find myself enthusiastic about advancing social causes.

$2,500.00 CAD

Mixed media on wood panel.


In most of my projects always paid attention to a suitable combination of texture atmosphere local elements and their adoption with executive media. This one is different from the others. It is a story of mystery life introducing a woman with all her womanish beauties, power, sorrows, honesty and her dreams.

Shirin Shahbazi