Sladana Dana Zivkovic

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Born 1985 in Zadar, Croatia, currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Holds Bachelor degree of Fine and Applied Arts from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Self-employed artist working as an art teacher, curator, charity activist. Some of the previous exhibitions: Group Cloverdale Common Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada; Curated and participated in Art Exhibitions within Small World Canada charity events; Juried Art Exhibition, Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Cambridge, Canada; Solo exhibition in YUBIN " Belgrade, Serbia; Solo exhibition in the French Cultural Centre in Belgrade, Serbia; Solo exhibition in the "Club of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro in Belgrade, Serbia; and more exhibitions in the cities of Serbia and Greece..


My work in this series, in first part it explores relationship between natural heritage and the products of the modern society seen through a surreal prism of the accumulated waste. Second part in this series was inspired by beauty of the sedimentary and volcanic rocks seen through a photo lens.
Through the abstract form I want to show what is happening with all that plastic waste and how little time is needed for a single man to produce a pile of garbage in his life and then how long will take for the nature to ‘digest’ it. The name of this series is ”Waves”, waves of garbage, which is again an irony since all that waste is just a matter with a zero natural frequency whatsoever.
Second series “Rocks” explores a surreal view of sedimentary rocks beauty, which nature has created throughout the centuries, stacking it color by color, shape by shape and with everything being so dense but yet so airy, full of life, full of energy with a high frequency.