Sophia Kyungwon Kim

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Currently, OCAD University Drawing & Painting 2022
2002 Korea National Police University Bachelor's Degree of Public Administration
2002-2013 Served in Korea National Police
2013 Stay-at-home mother of three children


Sophia K. Kim is a visual artist and illustrator based in Toronto and Seoul. She loves nature, sees the marginalized beings around us, finds the unnoticed beauty, dreams of a sustainable world. Her works focus on painting with a variety of materials - oil, acrylic, beeswax, watercolour. Her experience as a police officer in Korea and as a mother of three children turned her attention to nature and the beings around her. Her love and communication to ignored and devalued beings are constantly reflected in her art. She, too, continues to move at her own pace in a chaotic world.

$400.00 CAD

Oil on canvas.


I like to observe the silent movements of nature. They lead lives at their own pace, continuously. Every moment and every movement is revealed in its entirety physically. A series of organic lines that are not geometric and linear are their gestures, their lives. As a human being living in a society of material, commercial, mass production, and anonymity, I am not a great person, but I accumulate meaningfully day by doing what I can do at my own pace. Nature's gestures in this repetitive routine give me great comfort.

Sophia Kyungwon Kim