Sumera Yacoob

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Sumera Yacoob is a Toronto-based Artist. Her artwork is known for its bold and graphic style and her pieces typically have a strong contrasting colour palette. Her educational and professional background is in Water Resources Engineering which informs many of the contexts behind her work. For now she has put engineering on pause while pursuing creative dreams and focusing on family.


Bold motifs and patterns are things I love to use in abstract art. This collection explores repeating patterns found in nature and the interconnectivity of all things.

Throughout my studies and work in Water Resources Engineering, I spent hours upon hours looking at topographical and hydrological maps. Something that always struck me was the repeating patterns and forms I often saw rivers take, which mimicked the same branching patterns in branches on trees, in the human body's circulatory system, as well as in the lungs. This spoke to me as a beautiful signature of a divine creator.
This particular series of paintings takes those patterns and connects them with the theme of interconnectivity. During this pandemic, one thing that has markedly stood out to me is how connected we in fact all are. A virus that began from possibly a single person, in a distant place, has gone on to effect all our lives and very likely touched every single person on this planet in some way. The chain of transmission of the virus, and each variant has been a physical representation of how connected we all are, with even animals now being impacted.

$1,400.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


This piece represents how all things in the universe are connected and their derivation from a common source. The forms in the paintings take their shape from repeating patterns found in nature.

Sumera Yacoob