Susan Davies

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I was born in England, but immigrated to Dundas, Ontario, Canada as a toddler. That is where I grew up with my scientist father who loved woodworking, my artist/poet mother and my older sister in a creative household. Art has been my outlet since childhood.
I am a fine art graduate from McMaster University and went on to get a Bachelor of Education from University of Western Ontario. I taught art for the Halton District School Board for many years just recently resigning in June 2019 to pursue art full time.
My artwork has been in many juried group shows and Art Auctions over the years. However, my artistic career slowed as I raised two children and was a busy hockey mom. Now, back to art with a vengeance, I am making up for lost time.
My interests are raising two teenagers and a somewhat unruly Great Pyrenees dog as well as two rescue cats with attitude, travelling anywhere with warmth, and making art.
I have worked diligently over the last few years to perfect my work and continue to grow as an artist.


I work in acrylic on watercolour paper as well as acrylic on canvas. Acrylic dries quickly so I can redo my work. It is forgiving. If I dislike the finished piece (which happens frequently) I save it to be recycled into something new. Many of my pieces I consider an assemblage as they are constructions of layers of paper, painted and added to with found photos or patterns.
I have been influenced by Pop Art with its bold, bright colours, though I do not keep my images simple as do artists like Warhol. Usually every aspect of the paper I am working on needs to be adorned, compositions go corner to corner.
Planning of my work is limited and spontaneous. Interpretation is open to the viewer. Picasso said we can appreciate a bird’s song and not know what it is saying. I like that.