Susanne Langlois

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Susanne is a Canadian artist, designer and educator whose paintings and drawings are fresh, vibrant and moody. She has been painting for over 20 years and currently works in three distinct styles: abstract, still life botanicals and contemporary landscape featuring wind turbines. Susanne has exhibited her work in group and solo shows in Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Her work has been purchased by Queen's University, The Keg and numerous private collectors in Canada, the United States, Europe and New Zealand. 


My botanical work is life-like yet with a touch of the graphic and surreal. It is totally inspired by nature. The light and shadow of the subjects are captured against stark backgrounds, striving to achieve depth, while maintaining a painterly sense with brushstrokes and texture. For many years I have been painting in this style using oils. I love the fluidity and richness of the paint. The most rewarding part of the painting process is when the unexpected happens--something comes to life.

My wind turbine paintings are informed by my experimentation with abstract painting. I begin with an abstract underpainting and also tend to keep skies, water and land abstracted and more surface-conscious. Swirls and layers are visible and kinetic-seeming. The wind turbines themselves lend a structural element to the composition and also are a contemplation of place. They are both graphic and narrative tools for my work. I have been fascinated to learn about people's connection to the wind-turbines as a result of showing and selling works from this series.

$275.00 CAD

Oil on canvas


The simple white beauty of one of the first signs of spring. The tulip fittingly symbolizes rebirth and deep love. This is a great size and format that goes well in any room or even on a curated shelf display.

Susanne Langlois