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Digital artist, born in Colombia and raised in Canada. OCADU alumnus, GradEx medal winner. Exhibited my work locally and internationally. In my spare time, you can find me reading National Geography, visiting local galleries, and trying new restaurants around Toronto.


Expanding on theories from Marshall McLuhan (Global village) and concepts of visual identity from Oscar Muñoz (Colombian visual artist), my work explores the notion of cultural identity within a globalized world by regurgitating identity proxies using digital tools. I work with digital tools because of their inherited functionality to reproduce images and their unintended degradation and mutation of their data. Similar concepts can be a mirror of cultural identity where proxies of identity (a national flag, a zodiac sign, a social movement icon, a piece of clothing) can evolve and mutate over time. By using digital tools to redraw these identity proxies, I challenge the idea of identity as a static and local form. Instead, I present cultural identity as one of mutation, replication, degradation, evolution, and interconnection within a digitalized world.

My work is often inspired by people and how they project themselves in the real and virtual world.