Tierra Williams

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Tierra, who also goes by "The Boreal Artist" when selling art, is a fine artist. She was born and raised in Toronto and absolutely loves the outdoors. Most of her artwork is done in acrylic paint on stretched canvas and is inspired by the scenes she's captured in her various outdoor adventures. Her love of trees is what inspired the name choice and is reflected in much of her art.


I love to combine my love of photography and the outdoors with my love to create. Most of my work is based on Canadian landscapes, ranging from the West Coast, to the Prairies, to the East Coast, to the Territories, with a focus on my home province Ontario and it's diverse scenery. I also occasionally paint other subjects or objects that catch my eye. I endeavor to evoke joy in those who find themselves looking at my work but also make sure that the creation of each painting is an enjoyable process for me!