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My name is Vaishali Vats. I was born and raised in India. I moved to Canada in 2020, working as an IT Project Manager. I come from a Defence family, with my father being in the Army, my sister and husband served in Air Force. My husband accompanied me to Canada. He is a veteran. I travelled many places in India since childhood and developed an interest in Art from my school days by creating cartoon strips from comics, . However, I am not professionally trained. I believe everyday is a new learning for me. Creating art is the best form of meditation for me and brings peace in the fast pace world of IT.


I am a self-taught artist who has learnt and grown as an artist through observation and lots of practice and experiments. I love working on various artforms, like Madhubani, Zentangle, Abstract art, pop art, acrylic pouring. I have so far worked on Paper and Canvas materials. I have sold few paintings and Zentangle drawings and love the feeling of sharing a part of my creations with the people who trust their homes, offices etc with my art. I draw my inspiration from everyday life, from nature and sometimes random things. However, the core for me is to be immersed in the incredible world of colours and patterns/zenart, which is very visible in my art as well.

$225.00 CAD

Zentangle, ink on paper (matted and framed).


The guardian of the spiritual world and the first energy to grant access to higher dimensions, also known as the pratham pujya — at the start of any ritual or ceremony, Lord Ganesha is invoked. Every aspect of this energy has a significance of its own. Lord Ganesha clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life.

Vaishali Vats

$300.00 CAD

Zentangle/mandala Ink on paper (matted and framed).


A life in the womb of the mother is the example of life in purest form. The little beating beats without consumption of any food or air. The life in the baby is thriving from Prana (life energy) from the mother, while the soul is still transcending from the divine touch to earthly existence. The purest of life form is a living example of real source of life (Prana).

Vaishali Vats

$250.00 CAD

Jelly roll neon pens on black paper (matted and framed).


The province of Rajasthan in India is a stretch of barren land and cascading sand dunes. The parched and arid landscape is brought to life by the colour of Rajasthani people’s vibrant royal history and folklores, the music of Manganiars, the vivd attire of tribes and the never-say-die attitude of the locals.
This artwork is neon, glows in UV light creating magic with doodle patterns.

Vaishali Vats