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My name is Vanessa Furtado, I am 26 years young and living in Southern Ontario, Canada. I am self-taught artist who paints from the soul.

Usually though I am found traveling the globe, discovering the great outdoors and seeking adventure! Working as a flight attendant in Toronto has given me the opportunity to experience so many beautiful places and with that my love of photography has grown with me over the years.I keep my camera close and easily see the beauty in all that surrounds me. My photography often inspires my art.

I love to be by the ocean, trying new foods and seeing new sights. This life during a pandemic has allowed me time to reminisce on my past travel photos and passion brought me to start painting them. I have always been a creative spirit and drawn to bright colors and beautiful things so this is what I aspire to share with you through my art.

My family is from the Azores, Portugal and it is full of pristine green land, deep ocean blues and incredible loving people. A lot of my art is inspired from that as well, as I love showing the beauty of my roots. I put my heart and love into painting what I feel connected to - I hope you can see that too!

Much love


My style is light hearted, soulful and warm. I get messy with paint but I embrace that it is a space for me to be loose and free.

My art speaks from the core of my heart and my life experiences. The artwork can only be created when I am at a peaceful state of mind. I know that my positive energy will be passed forward to the spaces my work is filled in. I admire that quality most about my paintings. The energy put into the work is so honest that I truly can’t produce things that my soul doesn’t connect with.

Painting has always helped me express myself when words can’t. Being a photographer I often use my own imagery as reference for my paintings. 

Using mixed media but mostly acrylic paint. I use stretched canvas and wood panels to paint on. I enjoy painting on big surfaces as I like how bold they are in a room.

I am self-taught and find that my style unfolds deeper with each new painting. I learn something different from each painting I create. My work is a reflection of my memories and my chapters in life that showcase the woman I am to this day.

Travel is also a big passion of mine and an inspiration to my art. I enjoy learning about new cultures and diving right into the raw experiences of feeling like a local wherever I go. I like to live in the truth.

I also enjoy painting the female form through my own journey of self love. I am proud to be feminine and help other woman embrace their femininity through art. It is a gift to help others see the beauty in themselves and I am grateful to support female empowerment in this way.

My dream is to have a gallery/studio space in a small stone home in the country. I vision it to be cozy on the outside and warm on the inside with paint from the creative process all over the walls and floors. I hope to show the true honest process with my studio because Ive learned to admire and embrace the beauty in the mess. I see my studio with a cafe attached for visitors to enjoy an espresso or tea with homemade goods while they are surrounded by my creatives. I want my creative surroundings to always feel like home.