Vanessa Gervais

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Vanessa Rose Gervais was born in Montreal and lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and three young boys.

She has dabbled in various art forms her entire life, but began her abstract painting journey in 2021 after the birth of her third son. Aside from some college level art classes, she is a self-taught artist.

Vanessa is also a medical doctor, an aspiring photographer, a compulsive cookbook collector, and an eternal dabbler.


I make abstract paintings on canvas, linen and wood using acrylic and various mixed media. I like to incorporate natural materials in my paintings, such as sand from the beach near my home, coffee grains and spices, and other non traditional materials that have personal meaning to me.
I find myself drawn to the dualities in art and in life, and I enjoy exploring this through contrasting colours, textures, very thick and ultra thin applications of paint, and so on. My painting process is intuitive and mostly unplanned, and ultimately a new adventure and learning process every time.