Vanessa Pejovic

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Vanessa Pejovic is a photographer living and working in Ontario’s Waterloo Region. Self-taught, she enjoys wandering her neighbourhoods, practicing the art of noticing.


I think the ‘right’ piece of art - one that speaks to us personally - brings relaxation and sanctuary to our living spaces, and clarity and inspiration to our working spaces. These are among the gifts provided by all forms of creative work.

A photograph is one interpretation of a fleeting and variable mix of light, time, subject and circumstance. It can hold a story, evoke a memory or emotion, tell an uncomfortable truth, or reveal hidden beauty.

I'm drawn to the shapes, tones and moods of the natural world. It’s both vulnerable and fierce; both needy and indifferent; capable of both blending into the background and grabbing the spotlight. After years of hibernating during Canadian winters and avoiding mud puddles, I’ve been pleasantly re-introduced to the outdoors through photography. A minor miracle, maybe, but one for which I’m grateful.

$700.00 CAD

Digital photograph on canvas.


Limited edition 1 of 25.

Blades of ornamental grass receive an in-camera abstract treatment. I love the movement and interplay between light and shadow that result with this technique.

Vanessa Pejovic