Victoria Broytman

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Victoria Broytman is a professional artist passionate about painting and decorative art. She lives in Toronto and enjoys exploring the city from different perspectives. Bright refractions of light in skyscrapers, the tranquil scenery of quieter areas, the rare combination of the old and the modern -- Toronto's remarkable diversity inspires her to explore new shapes and ideas.

While she has created a variety of urban views and landscapes, Victoria also enjoys working on more abstract, expressionist art, especially floral motifs. As a professional textile designer, she has a strong command of ornamental patterns and ethnic styles. She also places great emphasis on the use of colour to create a unique mood. Whether inspired by New York or Los Angeles, Canadian nature, or abstract themes, each of her paintings evokes its own special atmosphere.


For Victoria, art is about capturing a feeling, a momentary impression – and turning it into a visual memory that lasts a lifetime. She paints floral compositions, still life, and landscapes.