Vin Singh

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Being a graduate in the field of Physics, Vin Singh seeks and explores the beauty of the natural world. With courses in photography at University of Waterloo and Ontario College of Arts, Vin began his journey from Science to Photography in 1990, collecting a few awards along the way. Vin's work has been showcased in Nature of Things, Photolife, B+W, Nikon and Silvershotz magazines/calendars and recognized as "World Class Photographer of the 118th Toronto International Salon of Photography.


Like all forms of Art, I believe the most important quality of a photograph is to evoke a strong emotional response. While this sometimes can be achieved being at the right place at the right time, I believe there is more to it than that. Choosing how to interpret and photograph the scene is to me far more important. With the advent of digital photography, we have powerful tools at our disposal but they are at the end just tools. How we visualize the final scene takes place in the mind's eye and understanding how to achieve the desired results are all important steps or details that have to work together to create the final image. My processes involve meticulous attention to detail in my field technique, along with a unique exploratory approach in the digital darkroom.