Vincent Manganiello

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I was born in a small Italian town east of Naples. I came to Canada as a child and studied fine arts in Montreal. Defining one’s style is always difficult. I could say that my style is modern figurative. I admire the great masters of the past and the present, from Michelangelo to Monet, Picasso, Dali, Edward Hopper and thousand other great painters. They all have influenced me. I think the purpose of a work of art is first and foremost to beautify the surroundings and then, if need be, to inspire reflection through one’s craftsmanship, which is always a work in progress that stops only when the artist leaves this world.


An artist is a craftsperson just like a cabinetmaker. His/her goal should be to strive in order to achieve excellency and quality. There is nothing more to it, I believe.