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Lobaina is an award-winning Cuban writer, filmmaker, and photographer living in Toronto. Born and raised in Cuba, Lobaina was amazed and inspired by mother nature from an early age. She discovered photography when she was 15 years old with her first second-hand Russian camera, a Zenit 11. From that moment, she knew that she had found the tool she was looking for to bring her imagination to life.
She is currently focusing on minimalist art photography where she captures the fleeting moments and beauty of mother nature. Yannis explores immigration, diaspora and motherhood issues through various storytelling tools.
In 2021 Lobaina received the RBC Space Award. Toronto Arts Foundation, for her Photography project Alive, Upside Down. And in 2019 she was awarded the RBC Arts Access Award. Toronto Arts Foundation. Photography project Rebirth.
In 2020, Lobaina showcased her photographic series, Awake with Raw Artist in The National Arts Drive project. 2019 Solo Exhibition, Rebirth, in Mod Theatre with Raw Artist, Toronto.


I am currently focusing on minimalist photographic storytelling that explores the relationships of unusual patterns in nature with everyday objects, pareidolias and human beings.

My passion is to capture fleeting moments, everything becomes part of the composition that I am weaving with my photographic storytelling.
I believe in the power of visual storytelling, I'm passionate about telling stories using a variety of media, including filmmaking, writing and photography. Taking photographs allows me to explore past and present themes, memory, disappearance and loss, and often to reflect how we see and interpret beauty. My images represent life experiences influenced by memories and dreams and how they often reveal confusing but exciting connections and patterns.
My creative process is intricately connected to how I examine my own life, how I get to know myself, and how I draw clarity from my emotions to translate them into pictures.
The camera is my third eye.

$300.00 CAD

Photography in linen (framed).


Limited edition 1 of 3.

REBIRTH Is one of my new photography series, where I explore the connection between nature and women’s bodies. I received the RBC Arts Access Fund (Toronto Arts Foundation) which helped fund my photography exhibition.Rebirth which was showcased in August 2019 by Raw Artist Network (Toronto) at Mod Club.

Yannis Lobaina