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Acrylic on canvas.


“A Moment of Life”
Size 50,80 cm x 50,80 cm ( 20in x20in)
Acrylic on canvas, aerosol paints, varnish Made in mixed technique

#Canvas . #Acrylic , #Alcohol Ink

Helena Bunina


Oil on canvas.


This piece depicts a woman in a still and silent moment where she may look calm but she is overwhelmed with her inner thoughts. This piece also allows the viewer to go beyond their imagination and try to engage with the piece in her thoughts

Marita Bardakjian


Acrylic on wood.


When you are experiencing humbling change and feeling resistless to what you are becoming... When petals of your soul start trembling through this metamorphic changes and you become lighter, softer and more intuitive to your surroundings.... You are becoming the new beginning, the new extension to your greater one, the one who knows how to live with love for yourself"

Elena Myasnikova


Digital art - oil on canvas.


Limited edition 1 of 10.

One of the scene in the movie "Big Fish". Used yellow colour to most part of the painting to show warm and bright moment of the scene.

Sangwon Lee