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Art Rotation for Your Business

helloart helps businesses boost their ambiance, enrich their visitors’ experience, and strengthen their community bonds by providing local art rotation services.

With the intent of enabling people to live more fulfilled lives through art, and by motivating others and ourselves to think, create and be better, helloart aims to be a community’s inspiration for showcasing its artists and their stories.

Your ESG Mission

Enhance the social aspect of your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mission by exhibiting local art created by local emerging and BIPOC artists. Local artists are creative advocates for their communities, and exhibiting local art allows artists to reflect their diverse experiences back to their community.

Turnkey Experience

We take care of the exhibition process from design and curation, to art installation, rotation and insurance - offering you peace of mind, and allowing you to enjoy the experience and engage as little, or as much as you like.

Art Rotation Service

Using the helloart platform and the help of our curators, art pieces are selected based on your spaces and specific needs. With the helloart art rotation service, artworks are exhibited for 12 weeks, after which, new artwork is installed - a repeated process to continuously showcase a range of talent to keep your spaces looking fresh and your visitors inspired.

Support Local Artists

We represent over 350 talented local artists, including emerging and BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of colour) artists. With over 5,000 original artworks, from paintings to photography, you’ll be sure to find the perfect creation to complement your space!

What's Included

The helloart art rotation service will help reduce your decoration costs by eliminating the need to rent or buy art, while also allowing you to contribute to your ESG mission and benefit from tax incentives.

Our flat monthly packages are affordable, flexible and easy to work with. Our art rotation service includes:
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Design and curation

Transportation of art to and from the building

Art installation and deinstallation

Smart art labels with QR code for all exhibited artworks

Rotation of new art every 12 weeks

Insurance to cover all exhibited art

Social media content creation and distribution

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Artwork for Your Spaces

Boost your business’s ambiance by showcasing local artwork in your spaces. This will create joyful moments of impromptu adventure and surprises, while simultaneously building relationships that transcend differences, as visitors become more familiar with your artistic community.

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