Acrylic on stretched canvas (set of 3 with pine wood frame).


Title: Planetary Dust

Canvas: 3 Gallery stretched Cotton Canvas, varnished twice, signed and dated on the back.

Size and Weight: 3 pieces 27 inches width x 33 inches height x 2 inches depth (each) 7 pounds EACH

Total Size and weight with approximate 2 inch spacing: 85 inch width x 33 inches height x 2 inches depth. 21 pounds/ 9.52 kg together

Dominant Colors: Blue, Red
Medium: Acrylic, floetrol, gloss varnish, Dark Walnut Danish oil stained pine frame

Ready to Hang: 3 Horizontal pieces

My piece Planetary dust is very large three piece framed abstract piece that flows together with a cosmic complementary color pallet. The three handmade canvases were lined together and the abstract patterns from an elaborate acrylic pour are speckled with fantastic details with the intricate contrasting colors popping out everywhere in it's vast abstract details. Three canvases flow together to create an overall piece of colors working seamlessly together. Starting with a base coat of dark purple and light purple's mixed together with silicon oils, and moving to the brighter colors on top for a distinguished pop. Each piece on it's own are compositionally balanced to ensure they look correct as stand alone pieces in case the spacing between the three were increased. I lastly created three identical dark frames and stained them a dark walnut to continue the dark border of the paint's darker space theme.
This set will dominate a long wall space and will mesmerize guests.

Planetary Dust

Leah Brekelmans



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