Oil on canvas.


Step into a world where nature's vibrant whispers reign supreme, where the bustle of life finds solace amidst a symphony of colors and serenity. The "Recharge" art series was started at my own patio, once I understood that just a quick glance at flowers gives me energy for the rest of the day. The series consists of harmonious pieces that translate the idea of our connection to nature, and our need for botanical beauty as a way to recharge our inner energy.

"Recharge at Garden" is a testament to the beauty of diversity, where a handful of purple echinacea flowers stand proudly. These regal blossoms seem to sway to a secret rhythm, their petals echoing stories of resilience and strength. Amidst the various shades of green that surround them, the echinacea blooms symbolize the power of individuality and the potential for growth, even in the most challenging environments.

Recharge at Garden

Tatiana Nikolaeva



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