The Merits of Non-traditional Art Presentation

The Merits of Non-traditional Art Presentation

Suzan El-RassMay 17, '22

The Merits of Non-traditional Art Presentation

By Emilie Francis Moffat

As an artist, exhibiting your work to the public is always an exciting prospect. Opportunities to do so in a gallery space are often coveted and can be difficult to obtain, however, they are not the only option. Digital exhibits and virtual gallery tours have also taken the art world by storm, but helloart presents a further potential opportunity. Our exhibition locations come in the form of businesses that people visit every day: cafes, building lobbies, office spaces, etc. These approachable locations are places where potential buyers can stumble across your work organically. Arguably, they reach a greater demographic than showing in gallery spaces alone.


Help Your Work Start More Conversations

There is nothing quite like seeing your artwork hanging in a public space ready to be seen by the world. Non-traditional settings outside of the art institution provide further publicity and perspective for the works you put your heart into. helloart encourages you to do both, present in gallery spaces, and with our business partners! Just ensure you hide the artwork posting on your helloart page if it is currently being held or shown somewhere else. As art is ever entwined with the socio-political climate, having your work available for viewing in business locations can increase conversation of all kinds, as well as increasing your exposure. Displaying your pieces in businesses has many similarities to displaying in a gallery space, with the added boon of increased diversity of patrons. This is a wonderful opportunity to show for fresh eyes and fresh dialogue about your work.


Art and Business are Complimentary

Witnessing a work of art is a very sensory encounter. Whether by providing much-needed aesthetic appeal in an office space, creating a calm aura in a lively cafe, or adding a personal, organic touch to a stately corporate lobby, visual art deeply impacts our experience in this busy world. A phenomenon referred to as embodied cognition (as described in an article by Arizona University), occurs when the mind effectively inserts itself into the piece of artwork being examined[i]. In doing so, we make personal, emotional connections with what we are seeing. The formation of that bond is a powerful thing, and the experience can be heightened by the environment it happens in. Witnessing a work of art which moves your heart in chic restaurant, surrounded by warm light, the scent of delicious food, and the laughter of people enjoying one another’s company could push that fervent feeling about a work of art to the next level. That’s where helloart comes in; with our convenient QR code system, a patron can act on that impulse in the moment and take home the work of art which affected them so deeply.


Ensure Your work is Always Out There

Beyond the potential for different viewers experiencing your work, being part of helloart’s novel platform is also advantageous for making your work more available to consumers. With our rotating system, work is shared by businesses on a twelve-week basis, meaning that new opportunities to get your work out there happen regularly. Even if you are established on the gallery scene, our partner businesses are a great place to keep your art in the public eye between other shows. Additionally, unlike gallery environments, showing with our businesses provides the chance that your work might surprise someone who is not looking for it in that moment, but who nevertheless responds deeply to your creativity.

To learn about how artists get matched with businesses, check out our blog 'How helloart Matches Artists with Businesses'.


Cultivating Connections with your Environment

helloart strives to make personal connections in your community, which is why we pair artists with businesses in their area, be that Toronto or Montreal. By keeping things local, we increase the potential for interest to be spread by word of mouth. Not only does this help artists gain experience in a location close to home, but it also encourages local engagement with local production, benefiting local artistic economies.


Sales in Non-Traditional Settings

With the help of our exciting QR code tool, purchasing artwork is easier than ever. Posted next to your work in the host space is a specialized code for each unique work. When scanned by a prospective buyer, it directs them to the helloart website, where they find pricing and other relevant information about that specific work of art, as well as information on you, the artist. Making a purchase is far faster and more approachable; people can take something home that they love, without disrupting the flow of their day. It also allows them to view other artwork you have on helloart’s site, meaning that you could gain further sales this way.


Feel Liberated from the Art Institution

While gallery spaces can be exciting and powerful, they also have the potential to feel sterile and stuffy. By having the option to show in hybrid settings, you gain the freedom for your work to be seen in a far more casual and leisurely environment. The unexpected nature of viewing art this way can enhance the excitement of experiencing artwork for the first time.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our artists have to say!

“I am so terribly grateful to organizations like helloart that give emerging artists the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and exposure by coordinating exhibits within their local community.” -Drea Cohane

“Thanks for your support and your great website. What you do for art and artists here in Toronto is wonderful!” -Mona Raissi

“Fortunately, last year I got acquainted with helloart. By exhibiting my artwork in non-traditional spaces, helloart helps me find new customers. The helloart team created a very effective software product, which allows to buy paintings using QR codes, and get payments through email transfers. I am very thankful to my new friends, Suzan and Hussain, for outsourcing my artwork sale process, which allows me to create more art.” -Natalia Timokhina

“Thank you for working so hard for your artists.” - Lisa Stead


[i] "How Looking at Art Can Help Your Brain: UAGC: University of Arizona Global Campus." UAGC. May 24, 2017.