Charlotte Boiral

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Luna Charlotte is a Canada based visionary artist with a French heritage specializing in acrylic. Her work transcends traditional boundaries, as she creates multi-layered, interactive experiences. These incorporate elements such as UV reactive pigments, paintings that come off the canvas with chroma 3D glasses, and creation processes that involve collaborative elements with the general public. She has gone as far as using the act of painting as a musical instrument.

Steeped in a dreamlike fantasy realm, Luna's canvases harbor a lawless universe inhabited by enigmatic beings. She inspires herself with the natural world, such as oceans, deserts, and forests, as well as mythology, and spirituality.

As a world traveler who has stepped foot in 36 countries, the array of cultures and diverse environments in which she immerses herself play a big role in her creative process. She draws inspiration from the works of great masters including Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, Alex Grey and Hannah Yata.

Luna Charlotte studied photography at Emily Carr University. Today, she occasionally studies with artists (such as Luis Tamani and Fabiano Milani) in order to refine her skills and explore other techniques to incorporate into her work.

Luna’s work is an evocative blend of innovation and tradition that is sure to leave an imprint on those who get the chance to experience it.


I paint an alternate dimensional space that defies the laws of time and space as we perceive them. My ultimate goal is to plant a seed in my viewer that provokes a thought that has the potential to evolve into a new understanding of an element of their reality.