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Cody Houle is an Anishinaabe artist who’s family was from saugeen First Nation ,he currently residing in Brantford. A self-taught painter, Houle didn't realize he enjoyed this particular art form until he had already created multiple pieces at the age of 31. Though drawn to abstract visuals it is the woodland paintings that resonate most for Houle and his sense of his culture. Growing up in northern Ontario, Houle felt shame and guilt surrounding his Native identity; now, his art allows him to show pride and strength in being an Indigenous man. Houle believes it is important to share art to inspire hope and encourage anyone to create.


My name is Cody James Houle , I am a self taught anishinaabe and French artist. I am Based out of Brantford Ontario. I began painting six years ago, as a therapy to help me heal from my traumatic life. I mainly paint with acrylics and have recently started to work with watercolours as well. My artwork is a reflection of my life as a indigenous man reconnecting, healing and finding my voice. With my work, I hope to tell my families story, to reflect on their struggles but also the beauty they had within them.
In the future i want to continue to push myself to show indigenous artwork is not simply just woodland paintings but anything we create that is true to our heart and true to our ancestors stories. I didn’t begin painting till I was 31 years old.
A main goal of mine is to inspire and motivate the youth and others to turn to art and discover the artist they can be.