Valerie Choo

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Valerie Choo is a Canadian Chinese Landscape Painter and Emerging Artist who recently graduated with a BFA from York University. Growing up in a Christian household, much of her work is inspired by her belief that God is the Master Creator and draws inspiration from her travels and exploration of different wildlife places and other opportunities such as zoos, aquariums, and even documentaries. In her free time, she likes to watch a variety of shows, doodle, and cook spaghetti.


Greatly influenced by her religious upbringing and fascination for landscapes and animals, her work primarily depicts realist-sometimes slightly impressionist landscapes, occasionally featuring animals and inspired by her adventures, her awe of creation and God as the Master Creator. There is much to be seen in this world and painting scenes inspired by the beauty of mountains, rivers, skies, and oceans brings her great joy. She hopes to show and evoke those feelings of joy and wonder within her work while also reflecting on the mastery of God’s craftsmanship.

$215.00 CAD

Acrylic and oil on canvas.


Based on a trip to Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, I wanted to create something like a picture-esque visage which will allow the viewer to imagine themselves in the painting. With the mountains some distance away, I hope that the viewer will be able to see how great these mountains are compared to the figure in the foreground.

Valerie Choo