Buyer FAQ

How do I buy an exhibited art piece? 
You can buy exhibited art from host locations by scanning the QR code or typing the link provided on the artwork label using your mobile phone. Here is an example of an artwork label:

Who delivers the art piece that I bought? 
You can pick up the art from where it is located for free, or get it shipped to you for a fee.

How can I be sure that the art is original? 
All the listed artworks on are original, and all the photography is limited edition. Helloart sources the artworks directly from the artists to ensure this.

Can I buy art from, even if the art is not being exhibited? 
Yes, you can. The purchase can happen either in-store, where the art is being exhibited, or online from, even if the art is not being exhibited anywhere. 

Does helloart offer curatorial services?
Yes. Please email for more information.

Are prices negotiable?

If I am interested in an art piece that is not exhibited, how can I see it before purchasing?
Please contact for assistance.

What’s the return policy?
You may return art within 7 days, however, there will be a $100 restocking fee.

Does helloart offer a payment plan?
Yes. Please email for more information.


Have questions?
Contact us at