Acrylic, collages on plywood, sealed with resin (framed).


As a human being on this earth, I am deeply concerned about the environment. The once-beautiful shores of Africa and Latin America are now buried under a mountain of trash, and this reality troubles me deeply.
Through my art, I explore the themes of blue skies, oceans, pure snow, and rain in my latest project, "Five Shades of Blue." I am fascinated by the history of the color blue in art, from its origins along the Silk Roads to its representation across different continents. In this work, I draw upon this rich history and freely experiment with new artistic approaches.
My inspiration for this project comes from a quote by J.W. Goethe: "Let everyone sweep in front of his door, and the whole world will be clean!" By using my art to raise awareness and spark conversations about the environment, I hope to do my part in making the world a cleaner and more sustainable place.

5 Shades Of Blue

Sergei Troshin


Collage and painting

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