Lino block print (framed).


Limited edition 5 of 6.

A group of bullfinches is a bellowing, and this linocut shows a bellowing bellowing, or singing loudly. I am making a series on the weird and wonderful terms of venery - the collective nouns for groups of animals (and other things). Some are evocative, some strange and obscure. This is the third in a series of such prints.

How could I resist a "bellowing" of bullfinches? We don't actually have bullfinches (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) here in North America, apart from the odd, very lost, Eurasian stray. They do not appear shy. They do like to sing. I listened to their songs and hear triplets and short strings (tuplets) of likely irrational eighth and sixteenth notes. So, I tried to illustrate my bellowing of bullfinches bellowing their songs in this fashion.

This linoleum block printed bullfinches are printed in black ink on Japanese kozo, or mulberry paper with chine collé breasts in pinkish-orange and dun for the males and females respectively. Each print is 14" by 9.25" or 35.6 cm by 23.5 cm in dimension. The framed print is 10" by 20.5" or 25.4 cm by 52 cm.

A Bellowing of Bullfinches

Ele Willoughby



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