Acrylics and oil pastels on illustration board (matted and framed).


The original artwork size is 11.80 x 15.70 inches.

This painting is based on a Zoroastrian book named “Ardavirafnameh”. Ardavirafnameh is about “Ardaviraf” (gifted the holy wisdom); a virtuous man’s travel witnesses of the hereafter world; heaven, inferno, and limbo. This book is written in the Sassanid epoch when there was so much chaos in the Persian society after “Alexander” had attacked Iran. In the introduction, it is mentioned that the purpose of authoring this book is to make people back to their Zoroastrian beliefs.

Ardavirafnameh, Heaven and inferno in Zoroastrianism, The Virtuous Kings 1

Banafsheh Erfanian



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