Digitally painted original-Limited edition on acrylic panel.


Limited edition 1 of 3.

Bonanza is an Original Digital Painting. I painted it using my fingertip on a touch screen, and it's one of my favourites.

This particular piece was a Society of Canadian Artists juried show selection. I will create only 3 pieces in this size and format. Each piece will be signed and numbered.

Bonanza has a mysterious, dreamy quality to it. It catches the eye with bright colours and intricate floral details. They really pop on the shiny acrylic panel substrate. Delicious shades of rosy red, lime green, gold and petal pink glow, while brighter hues of orange and purple sizzle.

Bonanza looks great in traditional or contemporary settings. It's super easy to hang using a single nail; D-hooks/wire can also be used. The unique material can be cleaned, front and back (if it looks dusty), using a dry or damp cloth.

Variations of this piece are available. Contact me for further info.


Helaine Becker


Digital art

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