Acrylic on hardboard, sealed with resin (framed).


This intricately detailed painting was created with a meticulous hand-painting process, in which every line and dot was carefully crafted to produce the final result. The creation of this abstract piece required a significant amount of time and effort, with countless days dedicated to the precise application of each stroke.

To add depth and dimension, multiple layers of abstract lines were carefully applied, with each layer being sealed with a crystal clear epoxy coating. Some of the layers appear to float, adding an ethereal quality to the composition.

The artwork is titled "Decorative Lawlessness" or "Breaking Bad Decoratively", reflecting the dynamic interplay between order and chaos, structure and fluidity, that is present in the work. Overall, this painting is a stunning display of artistic skill and creativity, offering a unique and captivating visual experience to any viewer.

Decorative Lawlessness

Sergei Troshin



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