Acrylic on hardboard, sealed with resin (framed).


"I feel cramped here. I would paint the sky!" -
Karl Bryullov

Well, I'll start with an ocean! "Dream Ocean" captures the imagination with its rich detail and captivating color. The swirling, dreamlike waves of the ocean are brought to life through the application of carefully crafted lines and dots, each one contributing to the overall feeling of depth and movement within the piece. The use of resin to seal and add layers to the work adds to the overall effect, giving the painting a beautiful, glassy finish that enhances the intricate details and abstract patterns. As you gaze at "Dream Ocean," you can almost feel the cool, refreshing breeze and the salty mist of the sea, transporting you to a place of serenity and beauty.

Dream Ocean

Sergei Troshin



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