Acrylic on stretched canvas (pine wood frame).


Title: Flux

Canvas: Gallery stretched Cotton Canvas, varnished twice, signed and dated on the back.

Size and Weight: 15 inches width x 51 inches height x 2 inches depth. 3.85 Kg

Dominant Colors: Blue, White

Medium: Acrylic, floetrol, gloss varnish, Special Medium Walnut stained pine frame

Ready to Hang: Horizontal and Vertical

My piece 'Flux' is a complicated and intriguing modern abstract acrylic pour of crisp fast flowing water. A four foot vertical piece to dominate a room in it's beautiful patterns. I used my own hybrid method paired with the acrylic swipe technique. I used fluid painting by continuously dragging the wet paint around creating detailed cells until I was able to form distinct white patterns with darker blue contrasts. If vertical, it is waterfall hitting hidden rocks. Flux can also be used as a horizontal piece and it looks like an incredible rush of water across a current. Lastly I contracted a frame with .5 inch spacing encompassing the work with a special walnut stained frame as a chic neutral color.


Leah Brekelmans



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