Blue natural due, acrylic, resin on wooden board (framed).


Did I ever think that I would live and work in this secluded hiding place of the Universe where the only road from here on out leads to space? Well, how can I forget these sunrises and sunsets of the weary sun, settling down for the night somewhere beyond Mount Masada, and this shimmering sea under the starry abyss? I enjoyed the melting air and overheated seawater. Strange conditions, but it was paradise for me! “Is this the end of the world? “ - a tourist from Germany once asked me in all seriousness looking with fright at the evening sun, which disappeared behind a dense veil of a sandstorm. The air turned a dirty burgundy color, and a group of puzzled landsmen visibly grew around the tourist. "Calm down! This is a khamsin with a sandstorm. It will soon pass!” The wind stopped. The air began to clear up. The dirty-maroon veil began to dissolve, and the outlines of the turquoise water of the sea appeared around, accustomed to the unexpected tantrums of nature. "Khamsin" - so I called this work, finished under the impression of my memories of the Dead Sea.


Sergei Troshin



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