Acrylics and oil pastels on illustration board (matted and framed).


The original artwork is 10 x 9.50 inches.

Life is a journey of certainties and uncertainties. The sun rises and falls every single day. Seasons change and existence is always questioned. Given these facts, you find contrast in almost every aspect of life. Contrast is one of the most crucial fundamentals when it comes to Art Esthetic. contrast enriches the artwork and makes it attractive to the audience. Being a human is a huge ambiguity itself. Why am I here? Why do I have to be born and die even without having control over that? When we are about to come into existence no one asks for our permission nor when we die. After all, between a beginning and an end, we have the will and power, and there comes the responsibility of existence. In the midst of wind and waves and in massive metropolitans you might find yourself very tiny. But always remind yourself life is a paradox. And that is what makes it beautiful and attractive as if it is a work of art and you find the meaning of life through sorrowful and cheerful moments; which makes a meaningful contrast.

In The Midst of Wind and Waves-mixed 5

Banafsheh Erfanian



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