Lino block print (framed).


Limited edition 14 of 30.

Jellyfish have such beautiful, fluid, organic lines. This seems to mirror the view of Ernst Haekel, the famed German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist, whose book "Art Forms in Nature" filled with lovely 19th century scientific illustrations of biology inspired my original drawing and then carving in linoleum of this creature.

This is an original lino block print of a jellyfish, printed in white, water-based block printing ink on 'unryu teal' Japanese paper. The paper has many visible fibres, which add to the organic feel of the piece and makes each print rather unique. The edition is limited to 30 prints, each of which are produced by hand. The sheets are 18 cm by 40.6 cm (7 inches by 16 inches). The framed piece is 25.4 cm by 52.1 cm (10 inches by 20.5 inches).


Ele Willoughby



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