Digitally painted original on brushed aluminum panel.


Limited edition 1 of 1.

A Blue Moon is a rare event, but also a celestial phenomenon that causes exceptionally high tides and powerful waves. I spent a few relaxing days under the blue moon in Ocean City, and experienced the grandeur and power of the King Tide first hand.

This original image captures the surf crashing in to shore under the peculiar light of the extra large moon. Can you hear it?

King Tide - Night is an original digital artwork, captured here in a dye sublimation print on brushed aluminum. The metal substrate beautifully captures the brilliance, shine and changing effects of the waves. The painting looks different under different lighting conditions and different angles, making it both beautiful and eye-catching in any setting.

It's super easy to hang using a single nail; D-hooks/wire can also be used. The unique material can be cleaned, front and back (if it looks dusty), using a dry or damp cloth.

King Tide - Night

Helaine Becker


Digital art

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