Acrylic on canvas.


"Melted Emotion" is a vibrant and evocative art piece measuring 36x24 inches, capturing the essence of a joyful journey from childhood to adulthood. The canvas is adorned with a dynamic blend of colors—playful blues, enchanting purples, lively pinks, grounding blacks, and soothing whites forming a captivating background. At the heart of the composition lies a gilded center, adorned with delicate golden accents, representing the radiance and happiness that defines the artist.

The textured base, crafted from plaster and sand, forms a tactile foundation symbolizing the varied experiences and phases that shape a person's life. The application of acrylic paint and palette knife technique brings forth an arresting display of emotions, seemingly melted and melded into the canvas. This melding of emotions mirrors the artist's vibrant spirit and zest for life.

The juxtaposition of colors reflects the beautiful transition from the carefree innocence of childhood (blues and pinks) to the wisdom and depth of adulthood (purples and blacks), all tied together with the golden thread of happiness. The absence of specific techniques emphasizes the organic nature of growth, celebrating the artist's genuine affinity for these colors.

"Melted Emotion" serves as a visual testament to the artist's exuberant personality, a kaleidoscope of emotions merging into a golden, radiant core, showcasing a life lived in color and joy.

Melted Emotion

Saina Rashed



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