Linocut print with collage (framed)


One of a series of collaged linocut prints of the world's smallest armadillo, the adorably named pink fairy armadillo, each print is embellished with collaged, hand-printed pink Japanese washi papers. The tiny armoured mammal, also known as a pichiciego or Chlamyphorus truncatus, lives in desserts or xerix scrublands of central Argentina. Its paws and dorsal shell armour are printed on assorted patterned papers, so that each version of the 10" x 8" print is unique.

These uncommon tiny armadillos are only 90–115 mm (3.5–4.5 in) long, subterranean and nocturnal. They are rarely seen and their numbers are declining, due to farming, hunting and predation from domestic pets. Sadly they do not survive long in captivity. Its giant forepaws allow it to dig its burrow and explain it's nickname, the "sand-swimmer". It's a unique and adorable animal, and I hope its habitat is protected so it can continue to thrive.

Pink Fairy Armadillow

Ele Willoughby


Collage and painting

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